Snowmobile Maps and Tips

Snowmobile Tips


  •  Wear appropriate winter gear
  • Utilize face or ski masks
  • Try out using gloves or mittens with removable liners
  • Consider hand warmers
  • Wear a HELMET
  • Bring a phone

Riding Tips:

  •  When riding uphill, kneel and lean forward. Maintain your speed until the top of the hill 
  • When riding downhill, stay seated as far back as possible. Stay in a low gear and pump the breaks firmly every few seconds.
  • Lean into turns
  • If you need to stop, pull off to the right as far as you can, and try not to stop on a hill or curve
  • Only carry a passenger if your snowmobile is made for that

Snowmobile Etiquette

  • Know and follow local laws and regulations
  • Follow signs and warnings
  • Do NOT litter
  • Keep distance from wildlife 
  • Control your speed
  • Stay on marked trails
  • RESPECT other snowmobilers 

Snowmobile Safety

  • Know the area you are snowmobiling in
  • Be aware of private land versus public trails
  • Travel with other snowmobilers
  • Use good judgment 
  • Do not follow others too closely
  • Watch for hazards
  • Ride SOBER
  • Go slower at night
  • Ride on the RIGHT side of the trail

Island Park, ID Snowmobile Trail Map

Link to Island Park, ID Snowmobile Trail Map:

West Yellowstone, MT Snowmobile Trail Map

Link to West Yellowstone, MT Snowmobile Trail Map: