Yellowstone ATV



There are so many ways to experience Yellowstone National Park, and booking with Yellowstone ATV is one of the best!  

In fact, every year, I book a trip with a few friends to head out on an awesome dirt adventure. They have ATV and UTV rentals, and every time I come back with incredible riding memories. You can rent one of their ATVs and then head out onto the trails to explore some of the most beautiful and natural areas in the region.

One of the reasons I booked with Yellowstone ATV is because they help you to create a journey and experience, which I found to be really important since I was pretty new to the area. 

They tell you where to go and how to get there. They also tell you how to have some fun in the mud and water. It was a great experience being in such an off-roading area.

I saw some YouTube videos from the people that run Yellowstone ATV and was ready to go. The conditions were perfect during my trip, so I really did feel safe, but there is enough of a cliff here and there or deep water to get your heart pounding. 

There are various areas where you can stop and get out, too. 

I found that as you drive through the park, there are animals everywhere to take pictures of. And since there are lots of trails to explore with really only a few limitations on where you can go with your ATV or UTV, you spend a ton of time out in nature.

Renting with Yellowstone ATV is always a highlight during my Yellowstone vacation! 

Fun Facts About Yellowstone ATV

You really are in control of the experience. 

When I went with my friends, we took turns driving various trails. One moment you are on a dry gravel path, and the next, you are coming up on a stream that is flowing fast. And we were able to get up high and see some amazing views of the entire park.

One of the nice things about this trip is that the staff here really know their stuff. 

They want you to have a great experience and help you plan the entire thing with your skillset and interests in mind. I really appreciated how friendly they were. I had no experience using these vehicles and definitely not much experience in the park, but I still had a great time.

Getting There

It is easy to get to Yellowstone ATV. It is right on I-20 and close to the center of the city. You will find it close to Electric Street. From there, you can get right out into the park through the West Entrance.


The cost of the trip depends on when you go and their current rates. They don’t publish rates online, but I will say that an all-day rental was pretty reasonable for me and my buddy to split. 

Also, they offer a discount to groups of over 10 people, military personnel, and to essential workers. That’s a 10% off discount that seems to be always available.

Local Tips

  • You do not need experience with an ATV, as the guides will provide you with a lot of information and insight. I was well prepared, and this was my first time out on one.
  • If you time it right, you may be able to experience the sun setting during your ride, which can be impressive over the horizon.
  • This is kid friendly. Since four people can sit here, you can easily bring along the entire family if you want to.
  • They are there 7 days a week, and while you do not have to have a reservation, they only have so many vehicles to rent out each day. I recommend it.